Positive Affirmation & Coloring

Positive Affirmation & Coloring

Look after your mental health while you have to stay at home

While we are facing many challenges, negative thoughts has now become vicious patterns which are difficult to break. However, "Nothing is impossible unless you think it is" as Paramahansa Yogananda said.

Practising positive affirmations will help you to re-wire your thought process. Keeping the positive affirmation in front of you will turn your thought process into postive habits. This will help boosting self-esteem and well-being. 

Positive Affirmations are short phrases that you need to read loudly and repeat to yourself. The science behind this is to make use of these words and images by your brain in order to rearrange your mindset and overcome any sad thought. 

One of the greatest childhood pleasures was Coloring but did you know Coloring is one of the most effective techniques for mental health as well? It is evident that people who participated in coloring session showed lower level of anxiety and depression. Daily coloring can reduce negative phychological patterns and is an inexpensive self-help tool. 

Hence, PureSoul Collection has come up with this pdf which includes 10 postive affirmations and 5 coloring sheets that you can download for free. Print this pdf and affix the affirmation in your bedroom or frame it and keep it on your desk. This will help you stay postive. 

With this small gesture, PureSoul Collection sends you joy, comfort and blessings of love. 

PureSoul Collection wishes you good health and happiness 💞